How can Sir Alan help you?

Whichever method you choose (letter, phone, fax or email), it is important that you contact your own M.P. There is a firm rule in Parliament that M.P.s deal only with their own constituents.

You can check if you are in Sir Alan's constituency by having a look at the Constituency map or you can use

Once elected, an M.P. represents every voter in his constituency, no matter how they voted. Every elector has equal access to their M.P. regardless of party politics.

Sir Alan is there to listen to your views and to try and help you with problems you may have. He will act as your advocate in Parliament and outside. Some things may be dealt with more appropriately by local councillors, who are also elected to look after people's interests.

What Sir Alan cannot do is offer legal advice in a specific case.

For your grievance to be remedied, a change in the law may be required. This is not something that an individual M.P. can guarantee to deliver. A majority in Parliament may take an opposite view - it is also possible that the answer to your difficulty may raise objections with other constituents who would expect their M.P. to take heed of their view as well.